A prevalent gaming system for clubs

Connecting the club to a system Champion

Due to the Browser version, it’s possible to serve home clients

Connecting the club

To connect and run the system correctly, you must do the following:

Set up the game rooms: install the equipment according to the technical standards, set up the Internet, and network connection.
Clarify the details of cooperation and settlements.
Install and run the program.
Installation steps of the Champion gaming platform
Open the installation file and follow the instruction steps.
Be sure to update the system parameters to the current version.
Copy and paste all the folders from the software to the gaming points.

For proper work of the Champion gaming system, make sure that your personal computer has the following parameters:

  • Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP or Linux (x86_32);
  • Pentium from 2.0 GHz;
  • 512 MB of RAM;
  • Video card with 256 MB of memory;
  • Screen resolution from 1024x768 pixels;
  • 2.5 GB of free disk space.

Then you must connect to the game room. You can discuss all the details with a specialist in the company. He will send you the unique login and password for the Champion system. The club owner will have immediate access to the administrative panel of the resource right after the registration.

Get the windows version
Of the champion for the club
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Gambling business with the Champion

The Champion gaming platform is a convenient tool capable of increasing the income of your club and the attraction of more visitors. We care about your success and ready to offer you all the help that you might need in and urgently establish work in the club.

When necessary, our manager will send you the instruction for using gambling software or help you with your settings remotely.

The Champion is the gaming platform designed for the installation in the casino and Internet-cafés, sports bars, and internet-clubs in Russia and neighboring countries. Be aware that terms of cooperation may vary depending on the region of platform use, and this is why we recommend that you get individual consultation from the system representative and calculate your exact percentage.

Become the Champion’s partner without the intermediaries!

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